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Second Chance Center Announces 1,000 Vaccinations Completed

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

The Second Chance Center announced today that it has competed 1,000 vaccines during their Vaccination Clinic held weekly in April through June of this year in Aurora, CO.

In 2020, the narrative for people of color for not getting vaccinated was due to hesitancy. However, a shocking 20% of Black and Hispanic respondents to a survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation said getting to a vaccine site as their biggest concern when it comes to getting the shot.

More than half of Black and Hispanic respondents said they were worried about missing work because of vaccine side effects. Compared to 5% of white respondents who said it would be difficult to travel, 20% in each group cited concerns with being able to get the vaccine from a trusted place. It is for these reasons that the Second Chance Center (SCC) held their vaccination events.

“We were happy to see individuals come in to get educated and vaccinated as a family. Others came because of our location’s convenient hours, giving them the opportunity to have this lifesaving procedure done with ease,” said Hassan A. Latif, Founder and Executive Director at SCC. “It’s an honor to be of service to our community,” continues Latif.

The SCC’s Development Director, Regina Edmondson, spoke to the overwhelming volunteer response they have received to help make the Vaccination Clinic possible. “We are grateful to our volunteers,” said Edmondson. “Their dedication and caring nature were amazing, and their contribution is what helped us reach 1,000 vaccinations.”

The SCC team would like to thank the Colorado Alliance for Health Equity and Practice (CAHEP) for providing the Covid-19 vaccines, as well as for Dr. Carlos Franco-Paredes for administering them.

For more information on this event, contact Regina Edmondson at

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