Explore the comprehensive services and resources we provide for the formerly incarcerated


Never Going Back (NGB) Mentoring and Motivational Interviewing are the cornerstones of our coaching program.


Our goal in mentoring is not to stop criminal behavior but instead to instill positive thought patterns that will form genuine change.


Many of our mentors have successfully navigated similar obstacles. On the challenging journey of self-improvement, we encourage clients to grow and support their evolution.


Adequate employment is key to reduce recidivism. Even more, a rewarding career is important to build a fulfilling life. Legislative and social barriers towards the formerly incarcerated can make it difficult to find work .


Our employment, career and occupational services are designed to give clients the support and resources they need to prepare for, attain, and excel in a new job.


Nurturing healthy connections can strengthen support networks and reinforce positive behavior. However, repairing estranged relationships, especially within families, can be challenging and often requires experienced guidance to navigate.


We facilitate relationship counseling with an inclusive approach to mending broken relationships or establishing new relationships that considers the needs of all involved.


Change is critical to eliminate recidivism. Incarcerated individuals often become accustomed to negative thoughts, feelings and behavior that perpetuate negative outcomes.


We teach clients how to assess their thoughts, control their feelings and ultimately change their behavior, ensuring long-term, permanent change.


We offer a variety of housing and transportation solutions for our clients including emergency housing, permanent supportive housing, and RTD transportation assistance.


We also have an incredible partnership with Second Chance Bikes that gives clients access to bicycles in exchange for community service. 


We utilize fitness training as a form of therapy to release stress, manage emotions, build discipline, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.


We have found that fitness training opens channels of communication and networking in a way often familiar to our clients.


We offer both pre-release and post-release mentoring and case management.


We mentor in the Colorado Department of Corrections prisons and Community Corrections facilities to assess participants’ risks and needs pre-release. We then develop a detailed transition plan with re-entry resources and support.

Post-release, we provide individual and group mentoring to help our clients develop the philosophy and behaviors to succeed.


Our comprehensive counseling and support groups help clients understand their relationship with addiction.


We empower clients with accountability and equip them with the tools and techniques to successfully manage addiction.


Through one of our partner organizations, Beautifully Broken, Second Chance Center offers trauma recovery for women.


Clients learn to effectively use art to communicate, express and heal.

(Former Offenders Reintegrated for Community Enrichment)

Our community service program tasks transitioning clients to change the landscape of the post-release community. We empower clients to be active in the political and social systems that have impacted their lives and understand their civic rights and responsibilities. F.O.R.C.E. meets each month to plan events, attend and testify at state legislative hearings, and educate the public on how they can help change post-release conditions and positively impact the community.


"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations"

- Zig Ziglar

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