Cognitive Restructuring

SCC believes that for anyone to avoid returning to jail or prison something is going to have to change. The effort will most likely demand that many things change. Though most people are resistant to the idea of change, the simple truth is that the only thing constant in life actually IS change. Even when criminal conduct and addiction-driven lifestyles appear to go unchanged year after year, wreck after wreck, people actually are changing. They grow older, become less hopeful, more dissatisfied and unhappy, further disconnected and lost. In the midst of all of this health is often compromised, and countless possibilities for success and happiness are lost. Oddly, many people in county, state or federal custody (for the first time or repeating the continuing cycle) are comfortable with the idea that their criminal lifestyles, substance use and thought processes are separate and unconnected. This belief is very unfortunate, and almost universally untrue.


The uncomplicated formula: Thoughts + Feelings = Behavior is an important part of the Cognitive Restructuring approach of SCC. There is no arguing the fact that if one continues to think the same way (for the most part), feel the same way (about most things, including the world and their place in it), most will tend to behave in the same fashion – and get very similar results. We all have known someone (friend, relative, perhaps even ourselves) who has ‘done good’…for a while. Intentions were solid. Hopes and dreams were alive and well. As time passed, we saw that person return to the same destructive, addictive, criminal conduct-based behaviors that had served them so poorly. We shake our heads wondering “what went wrong?” or “what happened?” Nothing went wrong, and the only thing that happened is all that could have realistically happened! Their intentions may have been altered briefly but that was due to the person’s willpower, not any true change. SCC seeks to help its clients make the significant changes in thought processes, leading to different feelings (about “self” and possibilities) and, ultimately more socially acceptable and positive behaviors.

Never Going Back !!