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PRESS RELEASE: SCC Expands its Footprint to Serve Reentering Citizens in 2021

Updated: Jul 26, 2021


January 12, 2021

Second Chance Center, Inc.

Second Chance Center Inc. expands its footprint four-fold to serve reentering citizens in 2021

Second Chance Center, Inc., an Aurora, Colorado-based nonprofit, will expand its services significantly in 2021 to support formerly incarcerated individuals reenter society.

Second Chance Center Inc. assists returning citizens with successful reentry following incarceration. Since 2012, Second Chance Center has offered mentoring, employment training and certifications, and basic needs such as housing and transportation support.

With tremendous community support leading into 2021, Second Chance Center is expanding into a facility four times the size of the previous two separate locations combined, occupied up to this point. The expansion in 2021 will allow Second Chance Center to provide:

● Beautiful light-filled areas perfect for group mentoring

● A fully equipped industrial kitchen and expansive dining area

● Abundant office space for 27 administrative staff

● A technologically modern employment training center

● Safe space to socially distance amidst the spread of COVID-19

Since its inception, the organization has served nearly 4,000 people helping reequip their lives with the necessary resources to live successfully and independently. Second Chance Center's clients have a recidivism rate of less than 10%, compared to the 47% Colorado statewide average.

Second Chance Center’s unique approach to encompass the values of love, integrity, empathy, social justice, and resilience was built by formerly incarcerated staff based on what they needed on release and were themselves challenged to find.

More about Second Chance Center’s Mission:

People released from prison are vulnerable and traumatized by their experience; many have sustained serious, but undiagnosed brain injuries, and our client base have a high rate of mental illness and substance use disorders. At Second Chance Center, clients can take their first step toward healing and recovery in our welcoming, trauma-informed environment.

To learn more about Second Chance Center, visit our website at See more about the new property below.

New Location:

For media inquiries, contact:

Regina Edmondson

Development Director

Second Chance Center


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