Our Mission and Vision

The Second Chance Center, Inc. is a Colorado-based 501 (c) (3) agency organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes; specifically to work one-on-one and in group sessions with formerly incarcerated men and women. We primarily serve the five county Denver metro area, and our counseling services and mentoring are of interest nationally.


Our Mission

The Second Chance Center Inc. has a mission with purpose to help formerly Incarcerated Men and Women Transition to lives of Success and Fulfillment.


Our Vision

Second Chance Center aspires to reduce recidivism rates and protect future generations from the continuing cycle of incarceration. Criminal thinking, substance abuse, and incarceration are often passed through generations in families. Likewise, it has become a ‘rite of passage’ in many communities. It is our vision to reverse these trends and to help instill revitalized character in individuals that will help them see the difference between having a purposeful life and the continued “death” of hopes and dreams. We provide client-centered services geared to address the whole client (including their families) by addressing issues that will help them remain free from incarceration traps, engaging new ways of thinking, and life changing alternatives.

Never Going Back !!