Job Preparation/Placement and Computer Training

Job Preparation/Placement (Resume building, Interview skill development)

The Second Chance Center provides employment, career and education services designed to give formerly incarcerated persons the support they need to prepare for and attain employment and build careers.

Emerging from incarceration there is an inevitable reality…You have to find a job! This is tough for those with felony convictions. Legislative and social barriers make finding work difficult, frustrating and aggravating at times. Still, men and women are getting it done every day. It’s one of those things that must be high on the list of initial goals to get accomplished. Half way houses are businesses that insist on getting paid. Court or parole/probation imposed groups, classes and sobriety monitoring requirements, all come with a price tag that places additional financial responsibilities on most transitioning persons.

There is a general belief that working an honest job is a necessary part of anyone’s life after reemergence into society (unless you’re eligible for disability benefits of some sort). Some job, ANY job should start this part of the process just fine. SCC promotes getting clients employed in available positions while encouraging the continuing efforts to improve one’s earning potentials and opportunities through improved employment options. This is accomplished through accessing available training and certification opportunities. Likewise, the record of “current” employment eases the way for the next employer to feel more comfortable “taking a chance” on those with criminal convictions.


Computer Training

Many of those transitioning from incarceration (especially significantly lengthy periods) find themselves behind the curve where it concerns this technological/computer accessed world we live in. Basic computer knowledge is required to even file job applications for many major employers. SCC helps clients develop the basic computer skills needed to establish email addresses, send resumes, resource and job search. These basic skills also serve to increase the feeling of self-efficacy associated with being able to do these things for themselves.

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