Addiction Counseling

It is human nature to resist that which makes us feel uncomfortable. Often it is labels themselves that cause this discomfort. Such is the case with the words Addiction and Addict. Someone could have a history of substance use/abuse that spans several decades and never see themselves as an addict or even acknowledge their use as a real problem. Acknowledging either of these as a personal state or condition (even in previous times) would understandably be an uncomfortable truth or assessment to make or accept. SCC provides counseling and support geared towards helping clients honestly evaluate their relationship with substances. SCC clients, with histories of use/abuse are encouraged to empower themselves by acknowledging substance use as a problem. Without that critically important acknowledgement, first and foremost, there is little chance of going forward without the threat of relapse, re-engagement (in negative activities) and re-incarceration.

Never Going Back !!