Never Going Back: 7 Steps to Staying Out of Prison

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Never Going Back: 7 Steps to Staying Out of Prison encapsulizes the cognitive restructuring approach of SCC, which promotes sustained behavior change. Though not an autobiographical work it does reflect a transformational journey that was many years in the making. Proceeds from NGB7 have supported Second Chance Center since its publication and will continue to do so.

The United States has only 5% of the world’s population, yet over 25% of the planet’s incarcerated people. Additionally, with a national recidivism rate of about 43% (2011), America knows how to lock folks down but doesn’t know how to keep them from coming back. Staying out of prison for anyone who has ever been (or gone back again) is going to require that something change. And that change is Hassan Latif’s Never Going Back, 7 Steps to Staying out of Prison.


Excerpts from Never Going Back:7 Steps to Staying Out of Prison

According to Webster’s New World dictionary (what other dictionary would I use other than the “New World” version?) PAST is defined as: gone by; ended; over; of a former time.Pasts are great for referencing, critically useful in learning valuable life... read more

Unrealistic expectations, or perhaps the ‘failure of life to live up to our expectations’ is closely linked to Victim Stance. This is one of the key contributing factors at work when the process of returning to prison is begun in... read more

There comes a time in every incarceration when you will be told to “Pack It Up!”. It’s time to travel to another facility and experience the pleasure of someone going through everything you own. Even when the move is one... read more

Fifteen calendar years had already been spent in one court or another. It began with several cases, in different jurisdictions, all being fought at the same time. After suffering multiple convictions the odyssey continued with simultaneous appeal efforts. There were... read more


How to purchase Never Going Back, 7 Steps to Staying out of Prison

The electronic and/or paperback versions can be purchased at
A Kindle version can be purchased through

Likewise, paperback copies can be purchased and shipped to someone incarcerated by sending checks or money orders to: 

PAPatterson Press c/o Second Chance Center
9722 E. 16th Ave.
Aurora, CO 80010.

Purchase price is $10.00 plus taxes (0.80). Shipping and handling is $2.50 for a total purchase price of $13.30. For those purchasing copies for themselves AND a loved one incarcerated, PAPatterson Press will cover S&H costs for copies shipped into facilities. Please include address, location and institutional number for recipients still incarcerated.


Just In: U.S. District Court for the Northern District of  Illinois ( Chicago) purchased Never Going Back in bulk for their…SECOND CHANCE COURT! Not a bad idea…the purchase AND the new court.

Never Going Back !!