Adam Abdullah

  • Adam Abdullah
  • Mentoring Coordinator/Care Manager

adam_deskAdam Abdullah, originally from Cleveland, Ohio, is one of SCC’s founding staffers.  As a Care Manager and Mentoring Coordinator Adam brings a wealth of wisdom and experience, much of which was garnered over the course of over thirty-three consecutive years served in the United States Federal prison system.

While incarcerated he educated himself extensively, earning two Associates degrees and numerous certifications. Upon his release he continued his education at Metro State College in Denver, graduating in December 2013 with a BS in Human Services with a concentration on At Risk Youth.

Adam is still married to Kiswah, the same extraordinary woman his long odyssey began with. They have three daughters, sixteen grandchildren, and four great grandchildren comprising their family.  We are overjoyed to have him home and proud of the work he is doing in the community with SCC.