Other Important Ways You Can Help

There are additional needs that require attention and care.  We welcome your help!


Employment is a critical need for most people in our communities. For those returning from incarceration finding a job is significantly more challenging than it might be for others. With halfway houses (and their costs), sobriety monitoring and/or required classes often factored in, debt can accrue quite quickly. For many this is a compromising source of stress and frustration. SCC provides job preparation support to our clients that help them to become uniquely viable candidates for employment.  You can help  by:

  • If you have a business please consider interviewing an SCC client for an available position. We will do all we can to present you with an ambassador-type employee, well prepped, qualified and highly motivated.

  • If you know of anyone with a business, or who is responsible for hiring, please ask them to commit to interviewing and hiring at least one (1) qualified SCC candidate for a position.


Housing is a critically challenging need. If you own rental property, or knows someone who does, please consider renting to a SCC client. They will be supported in every way possible to ensure they are good tenants and welcomed neighbors.


Invite others to visit our website and support the work of Second Chance Center. Our Speakers Bureau is always looking for opportunities to speak to congregations, clubs or other forums where people are interested in the topic of re-entry, criminal justice reform, or the efforts of SCC to address the needs of this population and the communities they are returning to.

We have information available on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (An Employer Tax Deduction) or you can access it at www.colorado.gov/cdle/taxcredits. This program provides up to $2400 per new hire of ex-felons. It’s a great additional incentive for employers to consider.


Make A Gift  Of Never Going Back: 7 Steps to Staying Out of Prison

SCC staff are regularly going into Colorado Department of Corrections and Community Corrections (Halfway Houses) facilities performing pre-release services or making presentations.  This book was written primarily for those still locked behind bars, walls and fences. For many these are moments of clarity are conducive for planting seeds of change or, at the very least, food for thought. A donation of the sale price of $10 would make Never Going Back: 7 Steps to Staying Out of Prison available to those unable to secure a copy in other ways.  Purchase as many as you wish and put “NGB” in the hands of someone who needs it”.


Outfit A Newly Employed SCC Client

Many SCC clients are fortunate enough to find employment in the construction/demolition field or as Flaggers (directing traffic through construction zones). Donations of steel-toed boots are considered essential safety equipment. Most are not able to start work until these boots are secured. A donation of $50 would make this purchase possible.  Warm coats, gloves, work socks, Backpacks and other related items are also important.

Never Going Back !!